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About the company

It's about experience, sustainability and support.

Anton Hill Adventures is a Finnish wilderness travel company founded in 2019 which arranges authentic, active, culturally rich and locally supportive premium adventures and on-demand adventures in the stunning nature of Finland. The company is founded and operated by Mr. Anton Hill, a Finnish voyager, who is a certified international wilderness and nature guide, has scout and survival background and over 10 years of working experience for various outfitters in Finland.

Anton Hill Adventures' trips are ecologically sensitive and sustainable and focus on maintaining the beauty of the vast landscapes while supporting local small businesses, economy and products. The excursions are high quality and their times are often outside of high season, thus avoiding mass tourism and at the same time supporting locality in the low season. The main focus is to provide a remarkable immersion into the unspoiled wilderness, pristine air and crystal clear waters that is Finland.

The company represents and bases its ethics on the circular economy, environmental protection and seeks to avoid unnecessary load on nature. The company rents and recycles equipment with local companies and plans excursions in an environmentally friendly way, e.g. arranging transportation in a controlled and planned manner and as green as possible. The food and gear used will be sourced up close, all the extra rubbish seen on the routes will be collected from the wild, and the fauna and the whole environment is always supported and cared with small, useful and common sense measures.

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