What is our Premium Adventure?

Premium Adventure is a guided trip where every aspect of your day is taken care of while you concentrate on enjoying the gorgeous landscapes of Finland. Food is prepared for you and beds are made. We will stay in hotels, old magnificent mansions and high-quality cottages. We use contract with local people so you can experience the culture, food and lodging that is uniquely Finland. Each day you will carry just a light pack as your luggage will be transferred for you. Adventures offer challenging days in nature with a small group of multi-cultural fellow hikers of the same fitness level. After each day's activity, you have the opportunity to take a recovering sauna and take a dip in the lake or a relaxing spa, after which you can enjoy a delicious dinner with local atmosphere, food and drinks. As the evening darkens, embrace the scenery and breathe the cleanest air in the world and finally fall asleep surrounded by silence and serenity.

Experience with us, in different places, in different landscapes, in different seasons, all over Finland.


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