Through the unity of the group, we strive to guarantee the best possible and successful experience for all participants. Since this is a group adventure, in which all participants affect the entire activities of the group, we ask all participants to complete a health and fitness questionnaire so that we can put together an even group for the adventure.

Please call for further details and bookings

Please note the physical requirements for the adventure when registering.

To insure a safe and enjoyable experience for yourself and the other participants,
it is essential you are adequately prepared for the trip's physical demands,
if required, and possess appropriate (hiking, paddling etc.) experience and conditioning.


If you are interested in joining an adventure, please complete the form below or call +358451957313. You will receive an email reply with itinerary and additional information about the adventure and login information to the questionnaire.

You may also contact and send questions/inquiries using this form.

Thank you!


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