Terms & Conditions

In addition to general terms and conditions for package travel as negotiated between the association of Finnish travel agents and consumer ombudsman concluded on or after 1 July 2018, Anton Hill Adventures' terms and conditions are applied to all Anton Hill Adventures' package travels.


The following terms and conditions apply to all of Anton Hill Ltd. travels.


Planned activities are subject to change due to weather, trail conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Anton Hill Ltd. Also, accommodations may be changed by the Anton Hill Ltd. if necessary.


Subject to change due to circumstances beyond Anton Hill Ltd. control.


The trips can be lead by Mr. Anton Hill (Anton Äijälä) or another licenced and experienced guide approved by Anton Hill Ltd.


Trip insurance is not included in the trip price and is very strongly recommended that all participants have trip or travel insurance that will cover trip cancellation by the participant, travel delays, medical expenses and medical evacuation. Anton Hill Ltd. does not provide this insurance and does not cover medical expenses or evacuation in the event you are injured or become ill during the trip. If you are injured, become ill or suffer any kind of accident during the trip, Anton Hill Ltd/guide organizes and directs the customer to the appropriate treatment. Note that if you have to cancel the trip after the dates indicated under Cancellation policy chapter, and cannot be replaced from the waiting list or a fill-up person is not found, you could be out the entire amount you paid for the trip.


Please carefully read the detailed trip description and itinerary, and contact Anton Hill Ltd. if you have any questions. Then, if you decide to join the adventure, fill out the online application form by logging in at www.antonhill.eu/user-login

If you will get accepted to the trip, you will receive an email with an agreement form. Complete and signed the form and email it back to Anton Hill Ltd. Places are reserved in the order in which the complete and acceptable agreement form and the payment have been received, so don't delay.

The trip closes 3 months before the start date of the trip. It is still possible to apply and take part for a trip after this, but only if accommodation and other services can be arranged.


The trip participant is obliged to follow the instructions and decisions of the trip leader (Head Guide). Should you be inadequately prepared (physically, mentally, or requisite equipment) for the trip or any part of, or otherwise causing difficulties for the head guide, other guides or other trip participants, the head guide has the authority to require you to leave the trip or part of at your sole expense. The head guide, trip operator, or any other organization is in no way responsible for any extra cost that you may incur as a result of this action.


The full payment is to be received on the marked date stated on the agreement form, which will be send if one gets accepted to the trip.

Must have at least 4 registered for the trip to go. (STATUS: In Execution).


  • The following applies to all ''In execution''-status trips

  • Note that there is a 10% booking fee included in the trip payment which is not refundable if you have to cancel for any reason whatsoever.

  • After 6 calendar month before start date, a refund will only be made if the vacancy can be filled from a waiting list maintained by the operator, if any, and all but 10% will be refunded.

  • If the operator decides that this trip is not for you, or the trip is canceled by Anton Hill Ltd, all payments received by Anton Hill Ltd. will be refunded.

  • If registrant cancels the trip after 6 calendar month before start date and the fill-up person is found, all but 10% of the full payment will be refunded.

  • If registrant cancels the trip after 3 calendar month before start date and the fill-up person is found, all but 50% of the full payment will be refunded.

  • If registrant cancels the trip after 1 calendar month before start date nothing will be refunded.

All contractual relations between Anton Hill Ltd. and the customer shall always comply with Finnish law. Any dispute between Anton Hill Ltd. and the customer shall be resolved primarily by negotiation and if the matter cannot be resolved by negotioning or in any other way, the matter will always be settled in the Finnish court.

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