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Feelings, expectations and highlights!

Lapland Hiking Adventure 2019

''The trip was exhilarating, exciting and a lot of fun. It exceeded my expectations, it was better than I anticipated. One of the highlights for me was meeting the Sámi and learning more about their culture and making personal connections to some of the people. Another was the surprise of feeding the Siperian Jay in the middle of the woods.''

Irene - Rochester, New York, USA

''It was a great trip, lot of fun and lot of interesting people and a great guide. It met my expectations in every way and my highlight was walking through the beautiful forests in Finland. It was a great exercise. We learned a lot about the animals and plants and also the mysticism of the Sámi people.''

Don - New Jersey, USA

''The trip was amazing and beyond my expectations, I didn't know what to expect but it was all pleasant, some challenging and all worth the reward. My highlight was the highest peak that we climbed in this very challenging weather. The weather was more challenging than the climb but it was very well worth it. Specially the ending was so beautiful.''

Monica - California, USA

''Trip was wonderful and everything I hoped for. Finland is a beautiful beautiful country. I would definitely say that the best part was being out in the wilderness and getting to know all the culture and specially the Sámi culture and their heritage. It was very interesting.''

Marlene - Florida, USA


Anton as a guide

Having worked with Anton for a week with a group of British students during which time they learnt wilderness skills, snowshoeing and cross country skiing I can highly recommend Anton's guiding skills. Anton knows the landscape intimately and is a font of knowledge about the flora and fauna, the culture and the stories. He is able to adapt easily to the client and therefore provides the best experiences possible and listens to what the group want to experience. In a place as beautiful as Finland Anton is able to allow clients to take their time and get in tune with the Finnish culture in order to maximise their enjoyment and their experience of this incredible wilderness. His friendly personality and good humour made the trip truely memorable.

Rowan Newman - Expedition Leader, Outlook Expeditions, February 2018

I would highly recommend Anton Hill as a trip leader and guide. I brought a group of 14 hikers from the USA to north Finland in September of 2019. It was a pleasure to work with Anton...he was helpful, informative, patient, safety conscious and interacted well with everyone in our diverse group. We were all continually impressed with the level of professionalism Anton displayed as well as the level of knowledge that he shared. With Anton as our trip leader and guide, this trip was amazing beyond all our expectations. I am confident in my recommendation of Anton and know you will be impressed with his skills and engaging personality.

Mary Chayka-Crawford - Trip Leader, ADK Mountain Club, September 2019


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