The Guide

Who am I?


I am Anton Hill, a licensed international wilderness guide born, raised, living and working in Finland. I arrange, design and lead trips through all the seasons in Finland. As a guide I always try to find the most authentic way to experience the nature around you. I am passionate about my work and love of nature, culture, history and traditions which I pass on to my customers.
-Live and do rather than own-

Whitewater Rafting guide
Whitewater Rescue Technician - Professional
Medical Care 4-2
Advanced first aid (FA2)
Personal Survival Techniques (PST)
Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSCRB)

Hunting licence

What do I do?

I cooperate with different companies all over Finland during the summers and winters. I currently live near Tampere. I do route planning, team management, hiking/canoeing/skiing/snowshoeing trips and other nature adventures, in addition to consulting and other contract work for different companies and organizations.


Hiking trips

- Hiking trips all over Finland
- Day trips to National Parks
- Long adventure trips to different parts in Finland

Canoeing/Kayak trips

- Paddling trips all over Finland
- Day paddling trips with Finnish food and sauna
- River rafting in Kuusamo
- White water and river expeditions

Solo Canoe techniques

There are many kayak enthusiasts, but a canoe brings a new dimension to paddling alone. Basic skills of how to paddle a solo canoe.

Survival and Wilderness Food

- Forest & Survival food
- Cooking in open fire
- Shelters and sleeping in the wilderness

Sauna culture

- Traditional saunas and etiquettes


Cross-Country Skiing trips

- Basic techniques, day trips to week long trips

Snowshoeing trips

- Few hours to week long trips

Quincee building and winter survival

- Building up a snowshelter

Sauna culture

- Traditional saunas and etiquettes
- Ice swimming



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